Fall of Republic, Chapter one Part two

She moved out of the light of the clearing, to the shadow surrounding the man. Her heart raced and the need to take breathe was forgotten.

She frowned quizzically, asking “Who is your troup leader? Your hair… You are from the house of Kanutte?”

The man moved his gloved hand to his face removing his mask. The light finally shifted across his face and Julia felt recognition, mixed with disbelief, flood her mind.


A smile touched his cheeks. Turning his head to meet her eyes with his Julia took a step backward. He had no pupils or white to his eyes. Just black.

“What are you doing here….. They…… didn’t they….”

“No.” Morin said, as he strode forward, pulling a knife out of his belt. He kicked out her legs and she fell to the ground.

“Julia” Yelled Drusus, as he got up, his bandage flailing as he pushed his child up and told him “Your mother is in danger. We will find you if we can! But run!” Apollyon began bundling up his brother as Drussus said one last thing. “Leave your brother. He’s a dead weight to you now. ” Holding back tears he did not looked back as he heard Apollyon’s cries.

Morin kneeled down and pushed the knife into her. Julia writhed in agony on the ground. His scent of death spread through the area, and the grass beneath his legs wilted and turned yellow.

“Herald of dawn, house of Scaurius ” He said nonchalantly, as he twisted the blade “The other great houses have looked upon you with great admiration. Envious admiration.”

A pool of blood formed around Julia. Morin ripped into her, over and over. Julia whimpered and looked up to her attacker, who promptly slapped her across the face, and pulled his knife out and sheathed it carefully, still dripping with her lifeblood. He threw his gloves to the ground revealing rotting flesh.

“Betrayer!” Drusus shouted as he charged Morin, throwing his body against him and to the ground. His left hand pushing Morin’s to the floor he punched him with the right in the various weak points of his body. Morin showed no pain. He met Drusus’s gaze as his mouth twisted in disdain and overpoweringly clasped hands with him. The black of his eyes spread like a spider’s web across his body, to his hands, and turned Drusus pale and weak. The two bodies rolled, switching position and the spider web now forged strong across their entwined bodies. Drusus’s clothes turned to ash where the black web touched, his veins glowing a burning white while he convulsed on the floor, the skin on his forearms, where the hands were, crinkling open to reveal bubbling flesh, the waft of human flesh joining Morin’s already gagging stench. Struggling to control Morin, Drusus glanced over to where Julia had been and where only a pool of blood remained. He felt short spurt of relief at the thought of his wife escaping alive.

Morin moved his own putrid hand to Drusus’s chest, dragging his fingers along the way, creating more and more damage. “Mmm…I can you feel your heart turning. And I can smell rot of your flesh, so sweet the smell is to me. ”. The decayed monster licked his lips and his eyes widened in satisfaction as Drusus strength weakened. His left hand now free, he grasped the hilt of his dagger. Drawing the blade, he prepared the death blow, only stopping to admire the damage.  Relishing his words he said, “Your flesh dies as mine once did. You would become like me given time. Would.” Morin attacked. The dagger sliced through the air to be stopped short via Drusus’s arm, his last attempt to hold on. Laughing, although the laughter more of a diseased gurgle, Morin pushed his arm away and moved the knife across his burns, bringing screams with every slice. As the pain receded, Drusus looked up to his aggressors face, asking “Why?” Morin smiled from ear to ear, revealing black toothless gums. “The person you knew is gone. This is my body now.”
Drusus’s eyes closed over as Morin brought his dagger against his neck.  He looked down. The spear he had left on the ground was planted in his stomach, it’s harsh silver burning his flesh. He crooked his head to the side in surprise, and twisted his body to see a blood soaked Julia holding the spear inside him. “Drusus! I’ve got him Drusus!” she exclaimed. He bared his teeth in a deadly smile and raised his bare hands towards her. Her hands tightened on the spear as tears of sadness and terror ran lines through dried blood. As Drusus moved slowly backwards towards safety, Morin’s eyes grew wild. He screamed a demon-toned cackle. “WHORE THINKS SHE CAN GET ME!” he yelled down the line of the spear. She pulled the spear out and stabbed into his cheek but he was too fast. Throwing himself towards Drusus he put his body over him, his skin burning Drusus’s completely. Julia threw the spear into his chest, pinning him to the floor. As his laugh filled the night she used his own dagger to cut of his head.

Dropping to her knee’s tried help her husband. A Siren began to sound, but she was too tired to notice, and too upset to care. She held her husband’s head as a light gleamed above her in the now wilted grassland.

Thanks again! Sorry for any grammatical errors, this is my first draft so I haven’t edited anything yet!



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