DropShipping for Beginners

Hi everyone – Hewlbern here.

Today I wanted to share with everyone a bit of information on dropshipping. My own website is http://www.Hewlbern.com and I sell light up shoes. It’s been a journey putting it together and I thought it would be useful for others to have access to some of the information that led me to creating it.

I’ll be using someone elses dropshipping store, WorldofHarry.com and some of the information they’ve shared online to get this information across. This site uses wordpress but I actually recommend using shopify as it’s been the easiest to use in my experience.

so…how to find a good niche for AliExpress drop shipping store?

1. Popularity and Trend.

Choosing a niche for your drop shipping website you should focus only on products that are always in demand and have positive or at least stable trend.

Go to https://www.google.ru/trends to get better idea about selected niche. For example, we are going to build a store that will sell ‘Harry Potter’ products for Harry Potter fans.eCbKjwu


We can observe a small decrease since 2004 but the overall picture looks good, there are no dramatic falls and the trend is rather stable. So, Harry Potter niche seems interesting to me for a drop shipping site.

Or let’s take ‘GoPro accessories’ as an example:c3BTE9M

Here we see the trend that is increasing year by year starting from 2011. This is a good niche to be taken and tried.

Below you see the niche (‘Nokia’) that is not worth trying:YajRZp2

2. Competition.

It is impossible to find any popular niche with a good trend without competition of course. Before launching your drop shipping store it is strongly recommended to search for similar web stores in the Internet. If you find many good sites offering the same products (especially by good prices), probably you should think about another niche and products, which are generally more hard to find. Obviously, there is no point to create another usual “Shoes”, “Car parts”, “Gardening” stores. It’s better to take some narrow niche and try to be creative.


3. AliExpress Stock.

Before starting building your web store, make sure there are enough categories and products available in the niche. Go to AliExpress.com and enter necessary keywords in search bar. In my case with ‘Harry Potter’ everything looks fine.

4. Prices.

Generally, AliExpress offers very competitive (often unbeatable) prices for many products. However, I would always recommend making a small research about the products’ prices you are going to sell on your site. Ideally, AliExpress prices should be twice lower the prices of your competitors.

You should pick at least 5-10 products in the selected niche and find best prices for these items on AliExpress. Then go to search.aol.com, enter shopping section and search for the same products in order to compare their prices with prices at AliExpress.

Let’s take an example.

I found such Harry Potter Scarf on AliExpress for $9,05/piece.Nt9TPAK.png

Then I went to search.aol.com and found the same item sold by other sellers.ZFFKFwr.png

As you can see the prices are much higher. In my opinion, it’s a good item that is worth adding to my store.

How to choose categories and products?

To find best categories for my drop shipping site I use Google Adwords.

With the help of Keyword Planner I usually start checking different niche related keywords targeting all locations and English language.

For example, I take “Harry Potter wands” and see the results.SZscgAQ.png

In spite of the fact that this keyword has high competition its search volume looks rather good.

One by one I select 10 main categories and add them to my site.


Among these 10 categories I also select 3-4 most popular ones to add them to the slider.H958WlJ.png

After my categories are ready I go to AliExpress.com to find necessary products.

To find the best and most demanded products I filter all products by orders and pay special attention to feedback score.


I get product ID of a desired item and add it to the plugin that automatically finds the product and imports all necessary information (images, description, parameters, variations, etc.) in my site.


Or I can make all the process (search, filter and upload products) work through the plugin.


That enough to begin with. I’ll include more details over the next few weeks!


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