To Tinder or not to Tinder. That is the question.

My good (& female) friend recently went through a massive tinder binge over the past few months. And at first it seemed like a really awesome thing for her! The massive oversupply of horny guys on the app made choosing a partner ridonculously easy. She literally had a list of tens of guys, with a short list of her favourites….. Supply and demand at work. But her experiences later on in the process of using the app, like dating and whatnot, were overall negative. I found her insight into this relatively new phenomena interesting to say the least; is tinder just another needless technological intervention into a system that needs no change?
You see there are a lot of really good things about tinder! Oh I know that it seems like a really superficial way of meeting people, but let’s be honest, how do people usually meet each other…. In dankly lit clubs with overbearing music while drinking alcohol. As though drunkenly choosing someone in this way is anyway less shallow than swiping through a phone app for someone you like the look of. And it’s not like you can get your drink spiked over tinder.

And as a women you literally have your choice of the population. Don’t like 1 guy after he said something iffy? Well he can just be demoted off your list of potential candidates. That old saying, there’s plenty of fish in the sea? It’s understating how many fish in the sea there are. Because there are a lot. Like I’m talking the most under fished sea in the world. Well the world is meant to be a little over-fished but you get my point. But it’s this at first triumphant selling point that showed a strange dark side to my friend.

Today’s world of continuously expanding technology brings with it a certain optimism for the future. What is a bright treadmill of discovery to most people can be subtle in its flaws; but a more obvious one is its effect on devaluing people and our relationships with said people. So what my friend found over the months of using the app was that she devalued whoever she was seeing. They were just one of her many options that were keeping her amused, and in being so involved with this app, she found it very difficult to take anyone she met through it seriously. I found this an amusing notion, that having something in an extremely large supply, can make your perspective on it lessened. That tinder can make you view the opposite sex as an expendable commodity.

Now this was a problem for her, because she was looking for something a bit more real, but that’s not to say it could be perfect for you. My word on it is this; for those not looking for love, use it. It’s a great shortcut to sex. But if you don’t want your perspective on the other sex stripped down to a numbers game and feel a struggle to connect… then tinder is a bleak hole of horny uninteresting/ed men.

Sorry if this is a little bit similar to last weeks, i was writing it up for a website, so reused some stuff because im lazy. Thought i might as well put it up though!


Man as a machine

Today’s world of continually expanding technology has brought with it a certain optimism in the future for most people. But this optimism could be blindly leading us to a more machine than man future. Humanity was meant to be flawed and weak. Not a gradually developing synthetic species with an inadequacy complex, and a lack of appreciation for real interaction.

When I was a child I had talked to my father about life in the real world, and he told me that people would come and go and that there was no escaping this simple fact. However over my life technology has taken a hold of our society. With social media especially; things have changed. Before I meet people I have made judgements about them based upon there what information I have gleaned from their various profiles. Keeping up with people has become as simple as a mouse click with personal information streamed through my computer and into my brain. We’ve become a hive mind; like it or not.

I really do think people are aware of how this has happened and how little they can help but use these tools. Recently my good friend turned off his social media accounts, deeming them a superficial waste of time, but as a result has been unable to connect with his peers and lost opportunities to connect with people. I know that if I did the same it would have a hugely negative affect on my friendship groups, and my ability to keep up with others. Resistance to these changes is completely futile and self-defeating.

But to me this is only a small issue affecting myself, a part of a larger issue as a whole.

The words from the character Walton “What could not be expected in the country of eternal light?” paint light as discovery and enlightenment. 200 years ago an 18 year old girl was experiencing much the same lack of ease at the current human condition as I am now.  Part of the Mary Shelley’s book’s premise, Frankenstein, was that light often burns when you follow it without forethought. When Victor Frankenstein created his monster, he did not consider the consequences of what he was doing, and upon reflection was consumed by his guilt over what he had created. He then turned on his creation showing himself as the true monster. This obsession with taking the next step, regardless of the consequences, shows to me a childlike push towards a complicated question.

When Professor Oppenheimer, a father of the atomic bomb, spoke after the first atomic bomb tests he quoted Bhagavad Gita. “Now I am become Death..”. The bomb stopped wars, but was a disastrously powerful weapon really the answer we needed? It seems to me that our progression is tainted with an arrogance and a disregard for the unexpected.

Every night I play the computer game DoTa with my friends, talking over Skype, and while I know that real human contact has no comparison with a computer screen I take what I can get. When I leave my room I use my phone-computer. Star Trek’s species of the Borg come to mind. For to me; We are the Borg. We are assimilated. And only time will tell where this will lead.



According to the Melbourne Street to home reports 78% of homeless people feel looked down upon. At first seeing this statistic, I mentioned laughingly to my friend, “I want to meet the 22% that do not looked down upon”. Now writing this I really question, who are they?.. Probably those most out of touch with reality and in need of help.

I spend a lot of time down on a relatively up-market stretch, Glenferrie road, near my university. I’ve lived on this street, drunk on this street, and well… spent a lot of time… on this street. One learns to notice the slow change of landscape when they spend a lot of time in an area and the one constant, apart from the seedy McDonald’s restaurant, is the faces of the homeless have not changed since I started studying 4 years ago.

The two men are Anglo-Saxan. The first is a very confused looking man with a gigantic pot belly and sunken eyes. His partner in nothingness has a more resentful slant to his features, perhaps understandably, but carries himself in much the same way as his colleague. Both of these men wear dilapidated blue denim cutoffs and white,well what used to be white, shirts that leave they’re midriff open to all to see. These two lurker’s have sat down and watched this street change next to me, but from a different vantage point. While they’ve watched me scoffing down a 10$ sandwhich, I’ve watched them scavenging for money. As I’ve watched paramedics come to take them away, they in turn watched me wave away their various attempts to beg.

My eyes glaze over the moment I see them walking down the street. They’re the walking dead, the bottom of the barrel, undesirable and a scary image of the worst case scenario. I can’t help them on my own, that would be ridiculous. Wouldn’t it?

We live in what is supposed to be the most livable city in the world, Melbourne, and yet we have these people, who obviously cannot help themselves, living like this. I say that cannot help themselves because our country does provide shelter for the homeless, through Centrelink and emergency accommodation, but the majority of people without housing have a mental illness. And until a system is made to deal with people like this, there will always be sad souls sadly whiling away in front of people on Glenferrie rd. Tackling homelessness to me is not just about getting people off of the streets. It’s also about finding lasting solutions to stop people from becoming homeless in the first place.

22773 people are homeless in Melbourne. That’s enough people to fill out our Olympic Park Stadium and then some. And that number increases day by day.


Bitcoin is probably a familiar story to most of you by now – a new online currency that has grown in price from a lowly price of .10$ USD in September 2010 to over 1000$ USD over the past month. During these past two years I’ve been watching over this price on various forums, admittedly largely sceptical, but none the less interested, as to where this hugely speculative currency will end up. Let me make clear – BTC is not a stable currency; and yes it is overvalued… for now. With that said, its rise does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon, for various reasons… the first and foremost being pure speculation is keeping it stable.

That said, the idea of Bitcoin as a currency is not one that can be easily discarded, especially with the advantages that it provides to its users (not including the more nefarious and well known examples available.)

For starters, say you were planning on buying an item for a large amount of money, 20,000$, but the seller refuses to use credit cards or –gasp- Bitcoins even! The amount of effort you would have to go to just to get that amount of money in cash, while ensuring the cash wasn’t counterfeit, highlights how Bitcoin in the place of cash would be useful. Had the seller been interested in using Bitcoin the time spent trading would be cut down to a few minutes.

Here’s the kicker. Say the seller accepted credit cards. Well, paying via credit card usually attracts a 2-3 percent transaction fee.
Drum Roll.
What’s that you say? Bitcoin has little to no fees involved? Yes. And that is an extremely attractive attribute to anyone interested in saving money. This is due to there being no need for Bitcoin to be processed through a third party institution and it’s a major selling point of this crypto currency. To me it’s the best one and the other benefits are humdrum in comparison, the others being transparency and anonymity – as well as others.

Keep in mind that with very few businesses worldwide, with 4 in Australia, accepting BitCoin, the notion that people are buying Bitcoin in relation to an expectation of an increased price in the currency as opposed to a need to use it for any practical purpose is highly probable. With the high volatility of the currency, it lends a lot to the view of the current state of Bitcoin to be that of a gigantic bubble. If and where it bursts remains to be seen.

Chapter 2! Part one

Sunlight cut through dense forest, bathing a sleeping Apollyon in its warm light. A bird’s song broke through the silence of the area shortly followed by a boys groan.

Apollyon was a youth of between 5-7, tall (for his age), gaunt, with fine blue eyes and ebony-black hair. His demeanour marked him as a calm man, yet one that was soon becoming accustomed to dealing with the pain of loss.

Rocking up to a sitting position on the tree branch, his vision took in a wall of trees.  Having travelled for what seemed like days, his thoughts started to wander towards the animals in the area. He had read of savages who would hunt animals for food. Hunger welling up inside him. The primal instinct of hunger was overwhelming and displacing any cultural norms that stood in its way.


Leaping down from the tree branch the bruised kid stretched his back, and turned to the stream scratching his head.

The forest was the epitome of any old-wife’s tale; ancient, gigantic and mysterious. It was no surprise it was gossiped about, and sometimes sneakily stepped into, by Apollyon’s various friends. And in all honesty, thought Apollyon as he pulled himself over a broken log, there was due reason to wonder about a place like this. The rhythmic sound of wood on wood had reverberated through the forest late last night, followed by the smell of something akin to burnt meat. His stomach growled out at him in response to this last thought.

Jumping from the log to the nearby creek bed he sliced through the mud and into the rapids.

Instantly his body went into action, and he swam against the flow and he lifted himself out of the creek, soaked, and sat down despondently with his fist supporting his cheek.

He threw a stone across the water, trying to make it skip, and having it fail miserably to do so

Putting his head in his hands he muttered to himself “No one person has ever been this unlucky”.

Looking at the Sigel behind his right thumb, the house of Scaurius’s emblem, he wondered if perhaps he was destined to die here, with the rest of his family. Looking back at the stream made him think of his friends, Jeremy and Skipio, who were now most likely among the many civilians massacred in their sleep. Once he had played with the two boys in a creek much like this. Getting up and walking back along the path he cringed a little as he considered that they had not known why they died, or for whom.

He felt oddly troubled by this thought but brushed it away for now. “We are the sum of our past” Julia would have said, “But you are not without the possibility to change your future. Not if you have choice.”
Above him the sun became covered by the moon and shone down on him instead, clear in the night sky.

He walked on.

Fall of Republic, Chapter one Part two

She moved out of the light of the clearing, to the shadow surrounding the man. Her heart raced and the need to take breathe was forgotten.

She frowned quizzically, asking “Who is your troup leader? Your hair… You are from the house of Kanutte?”

The man moved his gloved hand to his face removing his mask. The light finally shifted across his face and Julia felt recognition, mixed with disbelief, flood her mind.


A smile touched his cheeks. Turning his head to meet her eyes with his Julia took a step backward. He had no pupils or white to his eyes. Just black.

“What are you doing here….. They…… didn’t they….”

“No.” Morin said, as he strode forward, pulling a knife out of his belt. He kicked out her legs and she fell to the ground.

“Julia” Yelled Drusus, as he got up, his bandage flailing as he pushed his child up and told him “Your mother is in danger. We will find you if we can! But run!” Apollyon began bundling up his brother as Drussus said one last thing. “Leave your brother. He’s a dead weight to you now. ” Holding back tears he did not looked back as he heard Apollyon’s cries.

Morin kneeled down and pushed the knife into her. Julia writhed in agony on the ground. His scent of death spread through the area, and the grass beneath his legs wilted and turned yellow.

“Herald of dawn, house of Scaurius ” He said nonchalantly, as he twisted the blade “The other great houses have looked upon you with great admiration. Envious admiration.”

A pool of blood formed around Julia. Morin ripped into her, over and over. Julia whimpered and looked up to her attacker, who promptly slapped her across the face, and pulled his knife out and sheathed it carefully, still dripping with her lifeblood. He threw his gloves to the ground revealing rotting flesh.

“Betrayer!” Drusus shouted as he charged Morin, throwing his body against him and to the ground. His left hand pushing Morin’s to the floor he punched him with the right in the various weak points of his body. Morin showed no pain. He met Drusus’s gaze as his mouth twisted in disdain and overpoweringly clasped hands with him. The black of his eyes spread like a spider’s web across his body, to his hands, and turned Drusus pale and weak. The two bodies rolled, switching position and the spider web now forged strong across their entwined bodies. Drusus’s clothes turned to ash where the black web touched, his veins glowing a burning white while he convulsed on the floor, the skin on his forearms, where the hands were, crinkling open to reveal bubbling flesh, the waft of human flesh joining Morin’s already gagging stench. Struggling to control Morin, Drusus glanced over to where Julia had been and where only a pool of blood remained. He felt short spurt of relief at the thought of his wife escaping alive.

Morin moved his own putrid hand to Drusus’s chest, dragging his fingers along the way, creating more and more damage. “Mmm…I can you feel your heart turning. And I can smell rot of your flesh, so sweet the smell is to me. ”. The decayed monster licked his lips and his eyes widened in satisfaction as Drusus strength weakened. His left hand now free, he grasped the hilt of his dagger. Drawing the blade, he prepared the death blow, only stopping to admire the damage.  Relishing his words he said, “Your flesh dies as mine once did. You would become like me given time. Would.” Morin attacked. The dagger sliced through the air to be stopped short via Drusus’s arm, his last attempt to hold on. Laughing, although the laughter more of a diseased gurgle, Morin pushed his arm away and moved the knife across his burns, bringing screams with every slice. As the pain receded, Drusus looked up to his aggressors face, asking “Why?” Morin smiled from ear to ear, revealing black toothless gums. “The person you knew is gone. This is my body now.”
Drusus’s eyes closed over as Morin brought his dagger against his neck.  He looked down. The spear he had left on the ground was planted in his stomach, it’s harsh silver burning his flesh. He crooked his head to the side in surprise, and twisted his body to see a blood soaked Julia holding the spear inside him. “Drusus! I’ve got him Drusus!” she exclaimed. He bared his teeth in a deadly smile and raised his bare hands towards her. Her hands tightened on the spear as tears of sadness and terror ran lines through dried blood. As Drusus moved slowly backwards towards safety, Morin’s eyes grew wild. He screamed a demon-toned cackle. “WHORE THINKS SHE CAN GET ME!” he yelled down the line of the spear. She pulled the spear out and stabbed into his cheek but he was too fast. Throwing himself towards Drusus he put his body over him, his skin burning Drusus’s completely. Julia threw the spear into his chest, pinning him to the floor. As his laugh filled the night she used his own dagger to cut of his head.

Dropping to her knee’s tried help her husband. A Siren began to sound, but she was too tired to notice, and too upset to care. She held her husband’s head as a light gleamed above her in the now wilted grassland.

Thanks again! Sorry for any grammatical errors, this is my first draft so I haven’t edited anything yet!


Un-Blurred Lines


I have watched Robin Thicke’s video “Blurred lines” repeatedly. Watching naked models prance in tow of men in suits, to the rhythm of a song that justifies watching what is basically soft core porn is, is after all entertaining to me, a 22 year old man. I never really thought more of it.

Until two of my friends brought up some of their more controversial thoughts on the song.

In essence they really didn’t like this video clip. They told us (I was in a group of my friends) that the music video was clearly sexist, with men in the video clip being depicted as cool cats in suits, and women as obvious sexual objects.

The first objection to this was that, well, nudity isn’t inherently wrong, and… it’s just boobs right?

Right guys?

Well no.

Though it does try to dress it all up as “naughtiness”, at the heart of this video clip, with its chant of “You know you want it”, is a portrayal of male fantasy. To quote my friend “All guys are doing is saying ‘gee Thicke looks dapper in that suit’ while jerking off to the girl to the left of frame”.

A comparison my other friend made was to video game characters, where men are generally made to look more prestigious as they progress and women more “sexy”. This a not uncommon complaint from gamers.

So, thoroughly convinced that this video clip was inadvertently sexist, it didn’t really worry me. It’s just one video clip after all.

Out comes “Tunnel vision”.

Following an extremely similar theme of male fantasy to “Blurred Lines”, Justin Timberlake’s new clip does make me wonder if this trend will continue with big name artists attempting to engage a larger audience.

Interestingly Timberlake’s first line, “I know you like it”, even mirrors Thicke’s, “You know you want it”, and although it never drops to the slightly alarming imagery of “I’ll give you something big enough to tear that ass in two”,

it still bears to mention that this is what’s considered as ‘mainstream’ radio music.

That said, I can’t say that I don’t enjoy watching “Blurred Lines” (Or browsing Red Tube for that matter), but with its apparent inception into mainstream culture, I worry a little bit when I watch it now. But cultural trends aside, that brunette is pretty attractive, am I right?